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My first story submitted to Writer’s Forum and accepted. I have two more stories currently shortlisted with them that I am waiting to hear about.


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Inspired by the Dead Girls – Graphic Novel that I published under the House of Murky Depths imprint a few years ago. I wanted to bring Primavera to life but keep her characteristics. Thanks to Leonardo M Giron for hos vision and Richard Calder for his writing.


On writing

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Blogging on FB at the moment about writing a second part to my Kindle book (15kish) Variants. If you’re interested at https://www.facebook.com/TerryMartinAuthor/

More on the band

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Since the last blog Phatt Knappii are booked to open Framfest in June, 2016, and will be appearing on the second day of Bourne Festival’s threedayer. Next week (Tuesday, 15 March, 2016) we start a four-month (monthly) residency at The Ship Inn, Fosdyke Bridge, and will be playing at The Hole In The Wall, Spalding, on Friday, 22 April. Also we have a new mobile friendly website phattknappii.uk.

Phatt Knappii

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Well, Phatt Knappii is the band I formed with my wife, Liz, and and Martyn Hayes from the village where we live in Lincolnshire, UK back in 2012. It started with just me playing guitar and all of us singing. Now Liz is on bass and Martyn on keytar. I’ve started writing more songs, though we still predominantly do covers (mainly 80s).

You can see/hear some of the songs I’ve written here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCygiP2D65tlPTMRtS6XC2HA


Week Six in the Art Blog

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The latest painting for the blog (there’s four other paintings I completed that week for my own home) which some people think is based on Grace Jones. It’s not.

More here http://www.lucifal.com

New Art Blog

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I’ve been quiet here for some time, but I have been busy. My wife has challenged me to paint a picture a week in 2015 and you can watch my progress here.

On the publishing front I have some exciting news I’m dying to spread, but we have yet to cross the Ts and dot that other letter. So you’ll have to come back again when the news is out …