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My first story submitted to Writer’s Forum and accepted. I have two more stories currently shortlisted with them that I am waiting to hear about.


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Inspired by the Dead Girls – Graphic Novel that I published under the House of Murky Depths imprint a few years ago. I wanted to bring Primavera to life but keep her characteristics. Thanks to Leonardo M Giron for hos vision and Richard Calder for his writing.


On writing

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Blogging on FB at the moment about writing a second part to my Kindle book (15kish) Variants. If you’re interested at https://www.facebook.com/TerryMartinAuthor/

More on the band

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Since the last blog Phatt Knappii are booked to open Framfest in June, 2016, and will be appearing on the second day of Bourne Festival’s threedayer. Next week (Tuesday, 15 March, 2016) we start a four-month (monthly) residency at The Ship Inn, Fosdyke Bridge, and will be playing at The Hole In The Wall, Spalding, on Friday, 22 April. Also we have a new mobile friendly website phattknappii.uk.

Phatt Knappii

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Well, Phatt Knappii is the band I formed with my wife, Liz, and and Martyn Hayes from the village where we live in Lincolnshire, UK back in 2012. It started with just me playing guitar and all of us singing. Now Liz is on bass and Martyn on keytar. I’ve started writing more songs, though we still predominantly do covers (mainly 80s).

You can see/hear some of the songs I’ve written here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCygiP2D65tlPTMRtS6XC2HA


Week Six in the Art Blog

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The latest painting for the blog (there’s four other paintings I completed that week for my own home) which some people think is based on Grace Jones. It’s not.

More here http://www.lucifal.com

New Art Blog

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I’ve been quiet here for some time, but I have been busy. My wife has challenged me to paint a picture a week in 2015 and you can watch my progress here.

On the publishing front I have some exciting news I’m dying to spread, but we have yet to cross the Ts and dot that other letter. So you’ll have to come back again when the news is out …

Bringing Dead Girls to life

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After six long years of hard graft Dead Girls – The Graphic Novel (that’s the collected set of eight comics, plus a few continuity pages, amounting to 208 pages) is ready to be launched. It’s the single biggest investment that The House of Murky Depths has ever made, and it’s make or break time. We need your support to make it happen. We’re starting the perks at Indiegogo with as little as £3 (a postcard of Jim Burns – that’s right, Jim Burn’s – cover) with the main perk – the graphic novel – being £32 (signed, of course, by Richard Calder and Leonardo M Giron), which will be mailed out well before the launch at the World Science Fiction Convention – Loncon 3 in August. There are lots of other great perks too, all available to see at the Indiegogo page. With a massive investment of £500 (for those with deep pockets, and a friend) you can enjoy an evening down London’s Brick Lane in an Indian restaurant with writer Richard Calder and publisher Terry Martin – that’s me, in case you didn’t realise. But there are lots of other great and affordable perks in between. At the time of writing this we’re a little shy of £400 with ten days to go. We need £5,000. Please contribute or simply pass on the link to all and sundry. The latter costs you nothing other than a little of your time but it might reach someone who appreciates a great story and stunning artwork (weighing in at an estimated 1 lb 6.2 oz (629 grams)! Thank you.

Nothing to do with publishing

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Sometimes you have to stretch yourself a little and what better way of giving you the incentive than to participate in a challenge for a worthy charity. When we heard that the Butterfly Hospice were organising a Big Bike Ride from Boston to Lincoln (a short 33-mile ride) I said to Liz, my wife, “Let’s cycle it on the tandem.”

She said, “Yes. Let’s do the return ride too.”

Now neither of us have ridden a bike for months (Liz for years) and the last time we rode the tandem we fell off after about two feet (if that). So, for us, it is a challenge. Our first preparation ride to acclimatise arses as much as anything else, not on the tandem just yet I hasten to add, went okay. A gentle 10.5 miles. We have to do that another five times, plus one more mile.

It is all for a good cause though so please sponsor us. You can do that here:  http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/LizandTerry . Thank you in anticipation.

Dead Girls – The Graphic Novel

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Richard Calder had been one of my loved authors from Interzone so when he offered Murky Depths a comic story of his own back in 2007 I jumped at the opportunity. Death And The Maiden, with artwork from Richard too, lasted three episodes in Murky Depths before we moved it to a serialised comic of its own, but then we became sidetracked, so the story never passed Episode V (Episodes IV and V are therefore very collectable comics).

There were two things that came together in Richard’s mind just then; the work of mangaka Leonardo M Giron in several comics in Murky Depths and the film script based on his cult novel Dead Girls that had been sitting unused. He contacted me: How about serialising a comic version of Dead Girls in Murky Depths, and how about using Leonardo as the artist? Leonardo’s work suited the story setting, while the story starts in a dystopian London it’s mainly set in the Far East, and therefore complimenting his pseudo manga style. Leonardo jumped at the chance and we’ve not looked back. The first episode of Dead Girls appeared in Murky Depths #9 in 2009 and ran for four issues as Act 1, with a cliffhanger in Murky Depths #12. Leonardo then recoloured Act 1 and, with additional material, The House of Murky Depths published a limited edition hardback, numbered and signed by Richard and Leonardo, with the intention of publishing further acts in a similar way. While the limited edition was a big success and sold out very quickly we realised a flaw in our planning and decided against issuing further acts as separate entities.

Murky Depths #16 featured the start of the next series of episodes of Dead Girls but it was decided that after five years of hard work that Murky Depths would have to cease publication – at least in the form it then took – and that we would start again with Dead Girls as an eight-comic series, featuring guest cover artists. While our schedule has slipped slightly Dead Girl #8 – Just Like Heaven, with cover artwork from Jim Burns, will be published in February 2014.

So now the sixty-four-dollar question. Will there be a trade graphic novel? Yes there will be, and the plans are to launch it at next Summer’s Loncon, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention. We need to raise funds to do this though and while the KIckstarter route is a possibility we’d like to try to raise the money by customers simply paying the cover price to reserve a copy. If we went the Kickstarter route we’d have the pre-order option amongst the pledges and we’d likely offer an ‘upgrade’ pledge for those who had pre-ordered but decided they’d like to be a part of a pledge that offered extra.

Dead Girls – The Graphic Novel is going to happen regardless of pledges or pre-ordered funding but knowing that we have guaranteed sales makes our tickers a little less susceptible to stopping. So what’s the damage if you pre-order? Well, we expect the cover price to be £24.99 for the full-colour 208-page graphic novel. Higher than you might pay with the big boys like Marvel and DC but they’re printing a mighty sight more than we will be and they reap the rewards of ‘the more you print the less it costs per copy”. There will also be an admin charge of just over £1 and a p&p charge in the UK of about £3. Expect international prices outside of Europe to add about 50% to the overall cost. But all we want for now are pre-orders for the cover price plus admin charge of £26.09 (with your name and address, of course) PayPal’d to pay@murkydepths.com. Or if you prefer, send a mail to the same address and we can sort out an electronic transfer rather than PayPal.

Oh yes. If you’ve subscribed to the eight-comic series or purchased all eight issues online we’ll offer you the trade paperback at half price. Yep, just £12.49.