An up and down year. Liz’s mum died after an illness that put her in hospital for quite a few months. The six-hour round trips (though we often stayed over) didn’t help with Murky Depths schedules – though they were all met – but family has to come first. The new extension – and therefore the new office – took far longer to complete and much more money than we anticipated – putting further pressures on the Murky Depths brand, and meant I wasn’t as organised as I’d like to have been. Our daughter, April, married Jason at the end of August and there was a lot of preparation to deal with. However, the time and cost was worthwhile as it was the best wedding I’ve ever been too – and they bought us a Wii for Christmas which was a fantastic gift. Despite all that, Murky Depths managed to appear at fourteen conventions and shows and did its very best to give contributors as much coverage as possible. My self taught guitar skills improved – a little – and I performed badly at an open mic night that I instigated at the local village social club (where I’m now a committee member) and as badly again, but with my son Ricky’s help, on Christmas Eve. Today is chill out and veg day.


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