Iron Council – an old review

China Mieville’s Iron Council has such a wealth of imaginative and fantastic happenings that it seems there can be no more possible impossibities to write about. For me it was the best of the Bas Lag trilogy though others disagree. The unlikely seems normal and believable, the impossible, a surprise yet described in a way that paints vivid pictures in your mind. Grammatically it challenges the English language and no doubt annoys the purests who quote “correct” useage. In places I too found it hard to follow but it is describing a world like no other, where deverse races both natural and created exist side by side. The unusual is normal and the line between the sane and insane is like the montor on an EEG machine. The stresses of surviving in this world where magic and science are one and the same are constantly reminded. One wonders how humans ever managed to be here. But where is here? It seems to be a dumping ground for the natural and supernatural, where time and matter are rent and recreated in an unstable world, but where a familiar heirachy of government oppression and squalller make similarities with our own world. Amidst all this there are moments of love and tenderness, heroism and betrayal, humour and terror. It’s a world in which you can become completely lost. Loose yourself.


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