What’s Murky Depths?

If you’ve ever picked up a copy of Murky Depths or bothered to study its cover you’ll know that the byline on our masthead says The Quarterly Anthology Of Graphically Dark Speculative Fiction. However, it’s not going to stop us from publishing a story that we like even if it doesn’t quite press the specfic buttons, although, so far, I think they all have. In a forum recently I was asked what I meant by speculative fiction. The definition on the website was too vague. Instead of answering, ‘It’s supposed to be’, I tried explaining in greater detail, but ended up saying nothing new. Once upon a time I would have answered that it’s science fiction without the emphasis on science. While it might be a starting point, it really only sets a basis for what speculative fiction encompases. And I’m not going to attempt an essay here either. I’d really like the byline to read New Weird but that sounds even more pretentious than speculative fiction and are there enough fans of that type of tale to justify its own magazine? I’m not convinced there are enough good stories, let alone writers, to fulfill that definition. Speculative fiction is a loose enough definition to allow us to offer an imaginative array of mixed genres.

Some of the stories in Murky Depths could be described as psychological, just in the minds of the characters, but I think there is enough doubt for them to fall into our net. Others may be labelled pure horror but I’d argue these too have elements that justify an appearance in these pages.

The stories in Murky Depths have been chosen for good reason: for you to enjoy. The proof of our editorial selection will be judged by your experience and ultimately the success of Murky Depths.

But we don’t want your experience to end with the reading, so we enhance it with specially commissioned illustrations or challenge you with dark comic strips. What I like about strips is the ability to dip back in and study the artwork and the way the speech has been interwoven.

If you haven’t already dipped your toes, dive in and subscribe now!


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