Murky Depths is still growing. When Issue #1 was first published reviewers were surprised that it was “fully formed”, but each issue needs to be different yet familiar. It’s a scary process – I liken it to a band putting out its next album – have I got it right, will readers accept the (sometimes) subtle changes? For instance, I think I got it wrong changing the contents page for Issue #11.

A boost in sales would be good – and subscriptions are an important part of that. I know there’s an untapped audience out there for Murky Depths, but getting the message to them is the hard part. From my experience at conventions there is still a big section of the population who aren’t surfers so are unlikely to have discovered Murky Depths by that means. The adverts in SFX have seemed a total waste of money. Sales ARE creeping up, but bookshops aren’t interested in anthologies, and in any case our distributor takes such a huge cut it discourages the shops from taking a chance.


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