Fantasycon thoughts

Those of you who were at Fantasycon, and I guess those who have seen the YouTube of the presentation ceremony for the Britsih Fantasy Awards 2010 as well, will know that I was shocked but extremely delighted that Murky Depths won Best Magazine/Periodical. Considering we’ve only been publishing for just over three years it’s rather an amazing achievement. The look on Joel Lane’s face just before and just after reading out the winner should keep the sceptics of these kinds of awards quiet. That a new, and very different, publication should come from nowhere and grab the imagination of readers, who are then willing to put their vote behind it, rather than the established and establishment publications, is a revelation to me. Yes, of course I wanted Murky Depths to win – although just being shortlisted was amazing – but did I really believe it would? Not really. Hence I’d purposely not thought about an acceptance speech (and that was patently obvious . . . sorry).

Speaking to Fantasycon members during the weekend I was also surprised to learn that people actually come and read this occasional blog and that my comments are often seen as negative. In fact one guy (sorry, your name escapes me) said it sounded in one blog that Murky Depths was on the verge of folding . . . God forbid! While I do have people who help me and without whom I’d not be able to produce – and least not so prolifically and on schedule – Murky Depths, it can be a lonely and at times frustrating journey, and while I’ve never considered myself a depressive I do have moments of despondency and wonder why I’m sorting through and publishing other people’s work to the detriment – in time – of my own. But like all people with a passion – hopefully not blind, and I do have Liz to keep my eyes open – believe that Murky Depths has a place in far more people’s hearts than at present and it’s going to grow – as a bastion of print (no I’m not a Luddite) – into something far more special than people realise today.

Now does that sound negative?


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