Minutes after Murky Depths picked up the British Fantasy Awards Best Magazine/Periodical 2010 back in September I was told by someone considered fairly high in the Fantasy/Horror hierarchy that they had never heard of Murky Depths.
I think this needs looking at. Firstly, I’m not surprised when people tell me they’ve never heard of Murky Depths. But the people that do aren’t claiming to be an expert in the genre field.
I was also mildly castigated for not sending this person review copies. How else was he to know about Murky Depths? Now, he’s been walking past our table at various conventions for the last four years. Surely if he wanted to remainin knowledgeable in his chosen subject he’d have shown at least passing interest. But it’s the arrogance of people like this that really gets my back up, which may well be the response they want. But I think it was the very fact I don’t pamper to the whims of these people that was such a shock to the presenters.
So, should I send free review copies of Murky Depths to someone who’s only prepared to look at free copies? There are lots of review bloggers who’d love that. But from experience, very few review copies actually get reviewed and when you’re a small press publisher every copy counts. A freebee means you not only don’t get your money back but you have postage costs too. Speculate to accumulate, you might say. But some people accumulated several editions of MD without even a mention so I’ve kind of had my fingers burnt. Ask me for a review copy by all means but don’t expect to get one without a decent pedigree.


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