PDF possibilities

I often get mails bemoaning the fact that only three Murky Depths are currently available as PDFs – if you’re amongst those, fret not, they will be available . . . one day. That’s not one of our priorities though. Murky Depths’ audience, its fans, are people who want to own something physical. Murky Depths is all about producing something that oozes quality and is a work of art in its entirety. It’s something to be collected. It’s not a part of our throw-away society. If PDFs help sell physical copies – and despite the “facts” I’m still unconvinced – then we’ll put more effort into the conversions. For now you’ll just have to be patient.

PDF possibilities? What’s that all about? Well, ironically we’ll be blasting out a Best Of Murky Depths as a PDF featuring stories from the first ten issues and edited by Gareth D Jones. We’re currently in the process of contacting writers and artists for their permission – we only buy the rights for three months. So keep your eyes open.


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