SFX Weekender 2

Back from SFX Weekender 2 feeling very tired and in need of a new pair of feet – they ache as much now as when I ran my first marathon. My fault, as I don’t like to sit behind the table – I think it’s rude when you’re talking to a customer, unless you’re doing a signing, of course.

This two-day event eclipsed any other convention by way of sales for us, selling more copies of Murky Depths than even the four-day Eastercon last year, and the new Dead Girls, Act 1 graphic novel was very well received and also sold well. . . and people loved the Iggy and Primavera T-shirts.

One lovely lady took out a subscription on the Friday starting with our latest issue, then came back on the Saturday and bought back issues. And several other people came back on the Saturday to buy more issues once they’d looked at their Friday purchase.

This is not your usual convention. It’s very theatrical. It’s more of an Event (capital letter intended) and attracts people who would not normally go to a traditional con – and that’s one of the nice things about it. You’re not in your room very much so the fact it’s Pontin’s accommodation shouldn’t bother most people.

And while we’re talking of Murky Depths, we had record sales in January. Woohoo!


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