I Dream Of Ants

Back in 2006 when Murky Depths was still under development we needed to put across our message. The easiest way of doing that was to publish a promo issue. So we set about putting Issue #0 together, a 16–page attempt to give people an idea of what an 80-page Murky Depths might deliver. Not easy.

We got Les Edwards on board with a cover – okay, not an original piece of artwork but it fulfilled our need for a striking cover. Dave Evans from Futurequake allowed us to use a one page comic that was spot on what I wanted. Among the contributions I received a piece of flash that both made me smile and shock. That was to be our first story from Lavie Tidhar. He has since had stories in Issues #1, #6, #10 & #13, the latter three being comics, and Issue #15 saw the start of his I Dream Of Ants series which was due to complete in Issue #19. Ooops. We stopped publishing Murky depths at Issue #18.

Not wanting to disappoint those who have been following Ants we will be publishing the whole series as a standalone comic, re-toned, in March, 2012, with artwork and cover by Neil Struthers.


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