2011 in brief

2011 was quite eventful for me. I started a new job*, somehow managed to pass my final module for my BA (Hons) Degree in Literature, decided that throwing money at Murky Depths wasn’t ever going to produce a break-even scenario and that cutting my losses was the best option, had some great and some abysmal conventions, had one of our paperbacks voted Best Novel in the British Fantasy Awards (Sam Stone’s Demon Dance) only for Sam to throw it back because of the controversy, beefed out the new Murkee imprint ready for launch this year, started a comics review column in the BSFA’s Vector magazine, had a new granddaughter, had her parents move in with is (until they find a home nearby), got to see my son at last lead-singing his band Ménage à Trios and had a medium tell me that I was going to be successful this year – at what though was never said (but then they don’t do they?).

*(just one day a week, mind) at another primary school (I already worked one day a week at a primary school) but accepted conditions far and above what I was being paid for. ie I’m not a teacher but am expected to write all the lesson plans and co-ordinate across the school the making of clay tiles, firing, decorating and fitting them on an exterior wall. My hours are 9 till 3.15 with an hour PPA time (more than the recommended 10%, but as I’m all new to this it takes me days to sort out the plans!), but I’m expected to arrive early – my TA has other duties so can’t arrange resources and see all the kids are safely in the hands of their parents or guardians – with no additional pay. Thankfully there will be a new headmistress on my return next week so hopefully (though I’m not going to hold my breath) there will be a tad more understanding.


2 Responses to “2011 in brief”

  1. Good luck with the personal life in 2012 and the writing… looks like you have a game plan for life after Murky Depths…


  2. Here’s wishing you the best of 2012, Terry.

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