Short stories are dead…

It has been said for years that short story anthologies are dead; that no one is interested in reading them anymore. When magazines like Murky Depths fold it often seems that the case rests. However, publishers – at least the small press – continue to take the risk with their money to produce collections and anthologies into a market that supposedly doesn’t want them. Why? Mainly I guess because the bigger boys are purely out to make a buck and the little guys are more prepared to take a risk. That’s not to say the small presses aren’t trying to make money, but they seem to do it with a little more honesty and integrity, with the interests of their writers at heart. Often they are writers themselves and understand the doubts, trials and tribulations that writers go through.

The small press, though, is quickly being caught up and smothered by the self-published writer. The blurring of the lines at the “lower levels” may one day drown the bigger boys too. Time – and that seems forever to be squeezed into a speeding clock – will tell. For now, I help that blurring by publishing a collection of my own stories under The House of Murky Depths banner. I’ve been deliberating on this for years. Do I, don’t I? Well, here it is: Probably Maybe Perhaps, and it’s available right now on Kindle (so you can check out about two-and-a-half stories in the preview) or at the launch at FantasyCon next weekend.


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