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Dead Girls

Posted in Dead Girls on 6 January 2011 by Lucifal

Calder & Giron’s masterpiece is back from the printers early. Everyone who preordered should receive their’s within a few days – early next week in the States. Comments so far? It looks great!


Dead Girls, Act 1 – The Last of London

Posted in Dead Girls on 8 November 2010 by Lucifal

Proofs came back last Friday. Yummy! This limited (100), signed, full-colour edition should be shipping the end of January, all being well. Twenty sold already, so the next copy will be numbered 21 . . . obviously.
Dead Girls cover
There’s eleven more pages than the serialised black and white version that appeared in Murky Depths issues #9 through #12.

Dead Girls

Posted in Dead Girls on 7 November 2010 by Lucifal

The proofs for Dead Girls, Act 1 – The Last of England came back from the printers on Friday. At £24.99 (plus shipping) this is going to be one shit-hot limited edition. Pre-orders are good with 80 more to be sold. If anyone is considering buying a copy I suggest they don’t wait until the publication date of 31 January 2010 (and if you have ordered a copy you’ll have received yours by then). You may find there are none left!