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On writing

Posted in Uncategorized on 20 December 2016 by Lucifal

Blogging on FB at the moment about writing a second part to my Kindle book (15kish) Variants. If you’re interested at


More on the band

Posted in Phatt Knappii, Uncategorized on 9 March 2016 by Lucifal

Since the last blog Phatt Knappii are booked to open Framfest in June, 2016, and will be appearing on the second day of Bourne Festival’s threedayer. Next week (Tuesday, 15 March, 2016) we start a four-month (monthly) residency at The Ship Inn, Fosdyke Bridge, and will be playing at The Hole In The Wall, Spalding, on Friday, 22 April. Also we have a new mobile friendly website

Week Six in the Art Blog

Posted in Uncategorized on 4 February 2015 by Lucifal

The latest painting for the blog (there’s four other paintings I completed that week for my own home) which some people think is based on Grace Jones. It’s not.

More here

Nothing to do with publishing

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Sometimes you have to stretch yourself a little and what better way of giving you the incentive than to participate in a challenge for a worthy charity. When we heard that the Butterfly Hospice were organising a Big Bike Ride from Boston to Lincoln (a short 33-mile ride) I said to Liz, my wife, “Let’s cycle it on the tandem.”

She said, “Yes. Let’s do the return ride too.”

Now neither of us have ridden a bike for months (Liz for years) and the last time we rode the tandem we fell off after about two feet (if that). So, for us, it is a challenge. Our first preparation ride to acclimatise arses as much as anything else, not on the tandem just yet I hasten to add, went okay. A gentle 10.5 miles. We have to do that another five times, plus one more mile.

It is all for a good cause though so please sponsor us. You can do that here: . Thank you in anticipation.

The Dog Faced Gods

Posted in Science Fiction, Uncategorized on 13 December 2012 by Lucifal

I’ve recently reserved my reviewing pen for the BSFA’s Vector magazine’s graphic novel and comics reviews column Picture This – yes, it’s also the title of a Blondie song (I guess you can see a link coming), so a little foray into literature.
I’ve met Sarah Pinborough (that’s the link) at several conventions but never read any of her books. I’ve heard good and bad things about her writing so I thought I’d make the effort to form my own opinion. So, free from spoilers, here’s what I thought of Sarah Pinborough’s The Dog Faced Gods trilogy.
The first book, A Matter of Blood, introduces us to a number of characters but Cass Jones is the main protagonist, a flawed London detective in a flawed world; ours but the double-dip recession is crippling the average family, jobs are hard to find and on top of that a more prevalent form of HIV is scaring the populace. Pinborough paints a bleak and depressing tomorrow (and I mean the day after this one as opposed to a far off future) that’ll make you appreciate your lot. Cass Jones is self-centred and job-focused, a copper willing to cut corners to resolve a case. Bribes are the norm in a police force decimated by budget cuts. It all starts to sound a little too real. And that’s one of the beauties of this and the following two books; you can’t deny the possibilities of what Pinborough conjures in her tale, and that makes the final revelation so much more powerful and, dare I say it, acceptable.
What starts out in the first book to be an almost straight detective mystery builds to something a whole lot more interesting. Sure, there are supernatural undertones to A Matter of Blood – Cass is forever seeing his dead brother – but these could all be purely psychological.
It’s difficult to cover the other books without giving away a consistently good plot that supplies enough twists and surprises to make you want to discover what makes Cass the person he is.
The trilogy does turn into something that’ll make you think, and being a sci-fi fan I’m inclined to say that at the end of the day that’s what The Dog Faced Gods trilogy is. Someone interested in other genres might disagree, and that’s another feather in the cap of this tale. It’s whatever you want it to be, and more.
I thoroughly recommend this trilogy to the top of your reading pile. It won’t be there long.

Short stories are dead…

Posted in Uncategorized on 24 September 2012 by Lucifal

It has been said for years that short story anthologies are dead; that no one is interested in reading them anymore. When magazines like Murky Depths fold it often seems that the case rests. However, publishers – at least the small press – continue to take the risk with their money to produce collections and anthologies into a market that supposedly doesn’t want them. Why? Mainly I guess because the bigger boys are purely out to make a buck and the little guys are more prepared to take a risk. That’s not to say the small presses aren’t trying to make money, but they seem to do it with a little more honesty and integrity, with the interests of their writers at heart. Often they are writers themselves and understand the doubts, trials and tribulations that writers go through.

The small press, though, is quickly being caught up and smothered by the self-published writer. The blurring of the lines at the “lower levels” may one day drown the bigger boys too. Time – and that seems forever to be squeezed into a speeding clock – will tell. For now, I help that blurring by publishing a collection of my own stories under The House of Murky Depths banner. I’ve been deliberating on this for years. Do I, don’t I? Well, here it is: Probably Maybe Perhaps, and it’s available right now on Kindle (so you can check out about two-and-a-half stories in the preview) or at the launch at FantasyCon next weekend.


Posted in Uncategorized on 24 September 2012 by Lucifal